Bad Start to a Challenge

What a difference between NaNoEdMo and NaNoWriMo. There are so few participants, you can hear crickets over on the EdMo website. That and the site has been attacked by a spammer, which seems to be keeping people away. There’s no leadership and no one communicating to the group except for a few posts by the editing support staff. Still, I’m set on completing the challenge. I’ve even started some discussions in the Horror & Thriller … Read more

What a Mess!

I was getting ready to write a blog post on finding your character’s voice and I happened to notice a post that I forgot to publish. Oops. Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to read if you find yourself unorganized in the middle of writer’s block. I have a private Google website I use for all my novel planning.  R.J. and I also have one for Bloodleggers.  In the past, these websites have been … Read more

Weekly Whine: Where’s Your Phone

I’ve gotten in a bad habit of leaving my phone in the car or letting the batter run out for days.  Has gotten me in some trouble with family.  I’ve never actually been one to talk on the phone, so it’s more of a life long habit.  After all, I’m a writer, not a speaker.  Okay, lame excuse.   So this week is more about people being pissed off at me.  Uh oh! Other than that, … Read more

Monday’s Whine: Living on Adrenalin

Okay, I actually started this week’s whine on Tuesday, just one day after last week’s whine, when I woke up from a nap realizing I was iron and B12 anemic, again. I forced myself into an adrenalin rush to get my index cards done and suffered the rest of the week as a result of it. First of all, I think this behavior is something we women do really well, especially when we have small … Read more

Started 2010 with My Head Spinning

Pardon me for a moment while I use my blog as a pseudo-psychologist. This morning I tweeted, “Is it really the 20th of January already?” That’s nearly 2/3 of the first month of the new year and I’ve accomplished next to nothing after the holidays…ARGH!! Okay, maybe it’s not that bad. I have rewritten the ending of The Courier, and I started writing weekly in the Wicked Writer’s Blog. Still, I can’t get organized to … Read more

1,000,000 Words

I heard something depressing today from some other writers. They are in the opinion that the first one or two novels you write are likely crap. They also mentioned that it takes writing one million words to begin mastering prose. Where did I hear this? A friend told me about Writing Excuses, an audio blog awhile ago. Brandon Sanderson, Fantasy Novelist; Howard Taylor, Cartoonist; and Dan Wells, Horror Novelist are the hosts. I listened to … Read more