Blogs on the Go

Recently I posted that I cleaned up my NetNewsWire feed on my Mac. I had subscribed to way to many blogs that I wasn’t reading, and half of them were not being kept up by bloggers anymore. My buddy Blaze McRob joined the discussion and it got me to thinking. Why not move my blog reading experience to my phone and Nook. I went out to do a Google search for RSS readers for Android … Read more

Like the New Site?

Why the changes?  I’m creating a website for my husband’s business and decided to move my blogs to his server.  Am also pointing all blogs here including Bloodleggers and The Courier.   R. J. and I will post here later this year instead of having a separate blog.  Everything’s incorporated into one place now.  Also added a home page for quick news blurbs.  I’ll also be adding a forum on the site eventually.  Until then, pardon … Read more

Blog Shut Down Until Further Notice

Saying no can be the ultimate self-care. CLAUDIA BLACK Up to the last minute I’ve changed my goals for 2011 and they’re finally set in stone.  There’s been one item consistently left off the list though, blogging.  So I’m officially shutting down here until further notice.  I won’t be blogging elsewhere either.  I decided to do this after reading about creative u-turns in The Artist’s Way.  Blogging has always been a distraction from editing for … Read more

The State of My Blogs…Again

Heavy sigh…  So I’m on my blog soapbox again…and I’ve had wine.  Uh oh! Drinking Rutherford Ranch’s 2007 Sauvignon Blanc.  It’s ok for a white from California.  Still haven’t looked up the reason, but they’ve been producing some really bad whites for the last few years. Back to blogging.  Besides writing about NaNoWriMo over on The Courier novel’s blog, I’ve been publishing more of the story for the past week or so, and I’m SOOOOO … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Hop #18

Every week I weed through over 100 blogs, looking for writing advice and new and interesting books to read. Considering how time consuming this is, I share the posts I find the most interesting here every week. If you’d like me to add your blog to my feeder or a link from my weekly tour, leave a comment on the most current tour or send me a link via Twitter @by_wjhoward. All About Writers On … Read more

Monday’s Whine: On Tuesday

Oops! I’m posting a day late. Give me a break. I got that cold/flu virus mid last week. It’s dragging on too…ARGH! It’s about all I have to whine about because it had me knocked on my ass for days, so nothing else could really happen to piss me off…LOL. On a positive note, we migrated over to our new website design over at the Wicked Writer’s Blog. Yeah! Check it out… And now, back … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour #8

How to Join the Tour All About Writers & Books This week’s highlight was an interview with fellow Wicked Writer Gregory Marshall Smith over at Labotomy of a Writer. I finished reading They Call the Wild Muryah and Greg is quite the new talent in Sci Fi writing. The eBook is free on Smashwords and well worth the read! There’s an awesome new feature over at Book Chick City. A kinda Cribs for writers that … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour #7

How to Join the Tour All About Writers & Books I really enjoyed Fairy Tales Gone Naughty over at Book Junkie because I’ve dabbled in writing a few of my own. This week wrapped up with guest posts by Brenna Lyons and Natasha Moore If you’re looking for new releases, check out New Vampire Books for March 2010. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith looks really interesting and FUN! Fellow writers, read some good … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour #6

How to Join the Tour All About Writers & Books I really enjoyed this interview with Pamela Samuels Young over at Book Junkie, especially when she talks about trying to get people to critique her first novel. New Way of Book Reviewing was good for a chuckle. It’s one student’s comparison of ‘Titanic’ and ‘My Life’ by Bill Clinton. Where have I been hiding? I’m wondering because I’ve run into quite a few book reviews … Read more

Monday’s Whine: Oops, Did I Project That?

I didn’t think I had anything to whine about this week until I put together a list of suggestions for the Wicked Writer’s second quarter blog topics. I mentioned that writing about writing was getting boring in my email to the group. And in my post last Friday, I projected bored. C.J. mentioned I started whining three weeks ago, and I hadn’t realized it until I went back and read the post Rebel Writer without … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour

How to Join the Tour All About Writers & Books I found Guest Blog: DSB on What is Dark Urban Fantasy? interesting but still left me a little in the dark, wondering if The Courier falls into this genre. Also drop by All Things Urban Fantasy for Win on Wednesday, a list published weekly containing urban fantasy contests and giveaways. Found another book I had to buy in an interview with Keith Melton, author of … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour

Send me a link to your blog post. How to Join the Tour All About Writers & Books Drake writes old-style westerns that modern-day readers love, is not a blog post, but the author, Jerry Drake, is a fellow member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction writers and in my critique group. Have you bought a Mark Henry book today? I’ve got my copy for the Kindle because he writes a mix of horror and comedy … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour

How to Join the Tour This Week’s Tour Romancing the Book: Tall, Dark & Dangerous Heroes over at Book Lovers Inc. Reading this post was great research for my protagonist, Barry, as he grows from wimpy to tall, dark and dangerous. And don’t forget to drop by the Wicked Writer’s Blog, where we’re blogging about the progress we’re making on our latest works. Over at the Overbury Ink, “I love it when fiction is built … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour

How to Join the Tour Welcome to week two of my new blog tour featuring blog posts submitted by bloggers and about books, writers & writing and other literary blog tours. I’ve also included links to posts that weren’t submitted, but I’ve enjoyed this week. It’s still a little short on content, but I’m sure the word will get out soon enough. Hope you enjoy the tour this week! All About Books Darn 🙁 nothing … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour

Nicole Hadaway, a fellow author and friend has been devoting her blog posts on Wednesday to other authors. I commend her for this and would like to offer up my blog as a link for hers and other authors and readers doing similar posts. Going forward, each Wednesday, I will include a post with links to blogs discussing books and authors in the same genres I write. So that’s Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi and Comedy…a … Read more