How to: Christmas Present Wall Hanging

I’ve had the idea for this Christmas wall hanging on my mind for three years now. I even cut the cardboard to make it a couple years ago. Well, it finally got made this year and now hangs in our living room. So incredibly easy to make and you probably even have the supplies laying around your house. Kids, make sure you do this one with a parent. Cutting the cardboard can be a little … Read more

Book Review: Arthur’s Christmas by Marc Brown

Today’s holiday book review is Arthur’s Christmas by Marc Brown. Here’s what it’s about: Christmas is only days away and Arthur can’t find the perfect gift to give Santa! Finally, he has an idea and with a little help from his sister, Christmas will be a success! I love that Arthur wants to give Santa a present in this story. Arthur’s sister, on the other hand, is only concerned with what she will get for … Read more

Book Review: Arthur to the Rescue by Annie Auerbach

Today’s holiday book review is Arthur to the Rescue by Annie Auerbach. Here’s what it’s about: Just when Santa and the elves thought they d completed another successful Christmas present delivery drop, a siren goes off at the North Pole s Mission Control. Red alert! A present has been left behind and a child forgotten! It s up to Arthur, Santa s clumsy, technologically-challenged son, and his slightly batty grandpa, Grandsanta, to deliver the gift … Read more

Too Many Toys

Every Monday in my publisher, Vamplit’s blog we authors and contributors are sharing links to our fondest memories and holiday traditions in our own blogs. This week we are sharing holiday memories. I plan to share as many days as I can in short post. Please leave a comment about your own memories here or on the Vamplit Blog. I’ll be drawing from the comments on both blogs for one or more of the blog … Read more