Winnie Jean Howard

aka Mean Winnie Jean
Specializing in the Art of Dark Comedy

Warrant for Damnation

Book 2 in The Courier Series

I thought I’d hit rock bottom when I was blamed for closing the Gates of Hell and ended up on Satan’s Most Wanted List. Then something worse happened. A fallen angel with a nun fetish and a taste for human flesh escaped his prison cell. He’s Azael, the father I’ve never known, and he’s expanding our family with the intent to reign over mankind.

God’s pissed but willing to give me asylum if I turn against my father and annihilate Azael’s existence. While I agree to His terms, there’s one problem. No one, not even God, knows how to do it.

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Trisha Angel Apprentice

What’s New with Mean Winnie Jean

Just a few reminders including the monthly drawing for a free audiobook. Click on Trisha the angel apprentice to go sign up for this months drawing.

I had been working extra hard to finally release Warrant for Damnation, but an anthology I’ve been working on has interfered with its release. The good news is you’ll soon be seeing news about the anthology.

School has started and so has my time spent on artwork increased. There’s a new section below for new drawings and assignments from my classes. Enjoy!

Recent Masterpieces
All-Over Drawing

Fall for Freedom

A Short Courier Prequel
Learn How Barry Came Into Existence

It’s 1995 and Pete Sinclair has been blamed for closing the Gates of Hell and releasing an imprisoned fallen angel by the name of Azael. Now Pete’s trying to avoid Satan’s wrath and keep his head. Lucky for him, an angel’s apprentice believes he’s innocent, but she’s not about to let him off the hook. She offers Pete a deal. He can turn himself over to the mercenaries or re-confine Azael before he kidnaps and impregnates nuns. Brandishing the only weapon that weakens angels, Pete must battle Azael to attain his freedom. If only he had a clue how to use the sword.

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Call for Obstruction

Book 1 in The Courier Series

My name is Barry, although it might as well be Loser. Satan owns my soul, and my demon boss tortures me with her magical cigarettes every chance she gets.

I’m desperate for freedom. At the same time, I’ll do anything to stop damned souls from spilling onto Earth. My odds of saving mankind are uncertain. But I still have to try.

Available in Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook

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Character Spotlight


Chihuahua with Attitude

Oh wait! All Chihuahua’s have attitude. I had much fun coming up with this character for a potential client. Didn’t get the job so he is all mine to love and share.

He won’t be a character in a book though. At least nothing is coming to mind at the moment. Doing this comic version of the tiny pup did inspire me to want to do more dogs with attitude, so stay tuned. There may be more to come.

Proudly Torturing Characters for 10+ Years

I might look normal, but I spend my day torturing characters in the most sadistic and hilarious ways. I can’t help myself. I’m addicted. It’s more FUN than anything.

So if you like to laugh, you’ve come to the right place.

I won’t bore you with any more of my bio because, well, who really cares. Probably the only other interesting thing about me, I swear my nose has doubled in size over the last 5 years.