Zombie Spiders

Here’s another entry for this year’s Halloween Kids Create. And I’m excited to say this entry was made at my house. I like to invite my friends kids over to do crafts with me around the holidays. This year’s Halloween zombie spiders theme was an accident. While I try to plan specific crafts, there was no time for it this year. So when I took out my craft supplies, I decided to use inventory I’ve had laying around for years. The zombie spiders just happen to come together perfectly. Here’s Neilan’s entry for kids create.


How to Make Zombie Spiders

Small Floral Foam Ball
4 Green Pipe Cleaners
1 or more Pipe Cleaner in other colors
1 or more colored Bump Pipe Cleaner

1. Cut the 4 green pipe cleaners in half.

2. Stick the 8 green pipe cleaner halves into a floral foam ball to form legs. Bend the legs in half, then bend the tip to form a foot.

3. Cut the bump pipe cleaner in the middle of the wide parts to create multiple pieces.

4. Cut the other colored pipe cleaners in 1 to 1 1/2 inch pieces.

5. Insert the shorter pipe cleaners (bump and skinny) in assorted colors into the front of the spider to form a creative face.

6. TO DISPLAY THE SPIDER: Form a left over 1 1/2 inch pipe cleaner into a half circle. Insert it on top of the spider to use as a hanger. Cut a long piece of ribbon and tie it to the hanger. Hang the spider from the ceiling. OR insert a longer piece of pipe cleaner into the back of the floral foam ball. Use it to hang the spider from a shelf, blinds, picture frames, etc.

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