Movie Review: Twisted Nightmare

In honor of the return of Friday #HorrorChat, I’m reviewing Twisted Nightmare, a teen slasher movie set at a summer camp in the 80s. Here’s what it’s about:

“A group of teenagers win a trip to a summer camp they had attended as children. However, soon after they get there they begin to disappear one by one. The survivors suspect that the disappearances may be connected to the death of a handicapped child at the camp years before.”

Sound familiar?

Moving on to the review…I love the title.

How did I happen upon the worst teen scream movie produced in the 80s? By searching Twitter with the hashtags #summercamp #horror. Be VERY careful if you’re tempted to do the same.

You can watch the whole move on YouTube like I did, or you can push needles into your eyes…same difference. Okay, I’m being mean again. It’s bad, but not enough to lose your sight over.

I love how the person who posted the movie on YouTube adds “Everchanging Hairstyles” to the title. I remember the time and effort that went into 80s hair. If we took all that time and put it into computer science, we might have had cell phones and tablets ten years sooner.

Back to the review, the first thing that stands out is the atrocious acting. The funniest thing is the ‘on purpose,’ slow-motion movements of the characters while they fight for their lives. So hilarious, it’s worth skipping to the middle of the movie to view one of the attacks. Sure, slow movement has its effects in a horror movie, but not during every strike by the creepy, revenge monster?

The plot is typical, if not nearly exactly the same to our favorite Friday the 13th villain’s, and the movie felt way too long even though it was only 90 minutes. If only it had been a funny parody, I might not have a million more complaints.

Which is why I’d like to direct you to a more professional review at Video Religion, although they’re not much nicer. There is some cool stuff about teen slasher movies worth a read.

My Rating: 1 out of 5

But to be fair, there was someone who gave it a decent review. If you need another opinion, check out his review.

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