TV Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Premier

walkingdeadseason-7-premiereThis week was the season 7 premier of The Walking Dead, so I thought it fitting to tell you my thoughts. I won’t bother to tell you what the show is about and just jump in this time.


It fell a little short for me. While I watched I was sick to my stomach, a thing that typically happens when I watch one of the more disturbing episodes. Unfortunately that feeling wore off quickly. A nicely disturbing episode usually keeps me up at night or provokes nightmares. It also sticks with me for at least a day. Instead I spent Monday wondering what went wrong, and why I came down so quickly from my sickening high.

First of all, I felt it was too easy to figure out who would die. Both men were my top 2 choices and wham, bang, Abraham and Glenn both got their brains bashed in. It didn’t even surprise me that 2 instead of 1 got whacked. The fact that they spent so much time on Abraham at the end of last season and put him in a transition was the first giveaway. The other giveaway was Abraham sticking out his chest and making eye contact with Negan. For Glenn, I think it was one of the writers who said he would be back in some capacity after we first thought he was dead. After that I knew his return would be short lived.

Second, the flashing back and forth in time was distracting and took away from the excitement of the moment. Rick’s performance was in as much of a cloud as the smokey background, which didn’t work for me.

And finally, Negan didn’t go far enough. He wasn’t nearly as brutal as I expected in the season opener. I wanted more of a shocking and manipulative discussion between he and Rick. After all, Negan does like to talk as much as swing that bat. I think he should have forced Rick to take off Carl’s hand. Actually, when I saw the preview, and Negan dragged Rick into the RV, I was sure he’d take of Rick’s hand. That’s what I would have done. Cripple your enemies. So in the end, I felt Negan is really weak.

In the end, Maggie stood out most. They’ve been strengthening her character, and I can’t wait to see where they take her next. And there’s always next week in The Kingdom with Carol and Morgan.

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Bloody Brains

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5 thoughts on “TV Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Premier”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of similar things from people, that it seems to have lost its way a bit. I read the majority of the graphic novels but the TV show somehow doesn’t seem to be as exciting, or it’s lacking something, not sure

    • I’ve been avoiding the graphic novels so I can’t compare them to the show. After my rant, I still have high hopes for the season. I also try to remember that the brutality in my imagination shouldn’t always carry over into a TV show with such a wide variety of viewers.

  2. Glen meets Lucille in the comics, so I wasn’t surprised about that. Abraham surprised me a bit, not that they killed him off, that 2 of the group face planted with Lucille. In the comics, Rick does get his hand cut off, but by the Governor. I thought the cat and mouse with the ax between Rick and Negan was he best part. Some psychological terror, which I love and lead me to believe Rick would lose his hand.

    I liked the episode though. I’m a diehard fan. It did get in a slump a few seasons ago, but i think the last few have been awesome. The writing, the acting all good.

    Do you watch the Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick? My husband likes that show better than TWD, LOL.

    • Die hard fan here too! I love that they separated the characters again and have them doing something more than following train tracks. I can’t wait to see where the season goes, especially how Carol comes out of her funk. And how can you watch the show without a dose of Talking Dead afterward. I was glad they had it after all the Fear the Walking Dead episodes second season, but it’s not quite as passionate a discussion for that show yet.


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