Movie Review: Kill Zombie (a.k.a Zombibi)

*SQUEAL* I found another zombie movie I loved! Here’s what Kill Zombie is about: “The bizarre story takes place in Amsterdam-West, where a virus turns people into bloodthirsty zombies. Although much blood is flowing and many limbs chopped off, there is a lot to laugh at in this bizarre horror comedy.” Kill Zombie is a horror comedy movie, so of course it was a perfect choice to watch one afternoon I was feeling particularly low. … Read more

TV Series Review: Fear the Walking Dead (Season 2)

I’m happy to say that Fear the Walking Dead has improved. If you read my review of the first season, you know I thought it totally sucked, but I had high hopes that the show would improve, and it did. Once they got on the boat, they had a lot of time to think about their circumstances, and their reactions to their new world were much better portrayed in season 2, although it did take … Read more

Movie Review: Burying the Ex

This week’s movie is Burying the Ex. Here’s what it’s about: “When Max (Yelchin) learns that his new live-in girlfriend, Evelyn (Greene) is controlling and manipulative, he is afraid to end the relationship. However, fate occurs and Evelyn is killed in a freak accident. A couple months have passed and Max meets his dream girl, Olivia (Daddario). The new romance gets tricky when Evelyn comes back from the grave and insists on continuing their once … Read more

Movie Review: Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Another zombie movie this week. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead has been sitting in my Netflix queue for nearly a year and I’m sorry I didn’t watch it sooner. Here’s what it’s about: “Barry is a talented mechanic and family man whose life is torn apart on the eve of a zombie apocalypse. His sister, Brooke, is kidnapped by a sinister team of gas-mask wearing soldiers & experimented on by a psychotic doctor. While Brooke … Read more

Movie Review: State of Emergency

I’m back on low-rated, zombie movies for a few weeks starting with State of Emergency. Here’s what it’s about: “Chaos consumes a small town when a chemical facility explodes releasing a deadly toxin. Moments after the leak, the town’s residents show signs of mutation, causing the military to quarantine the area leaving any survivors helpless and trapped inside. The story follows Jim, a young man isolated within the red zone, as he eludes flesh eating … Read more

Movie Review: Contracted Phase I & II

This week is a double header. I’m reviewing Contracted and Contracted Phase II. Here’s what the movies are about: In phase I, “A young girl contracts what she thinks is a sexually-transmitted disease – but is actually something much worse. “ In phase II “Riley searches for a cure to the virus that took over Samantha before it consumes him and the entire world.” I watched these movies back to back and am glad I … Read more

TV Series Review: Fear the Walking Dead

This week I’m finally providing my opinion of Fear the Walking Dead. In case you haven’t heard, here’s what it’s about: “What did the world look like as it was transforming into the horrifying apocalypse depicted in “The Walking Dead”? This spin-off set in Los Angeles, following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world, will answer that question.” It’s been months since I watched the first season, twice. I … Read more

Movie Review: War of the Living Dead

The week before the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference and I had no time to watch a zombie movie. Sorry, War of the Living Dead, aka Zombie Wars is one I watched a few years ago. Here’s what it’s about: “Fifty years after a world-wide zombie epidemic had begun, a small group of rebel soldiers learn that intelligent zombies have begun breeding humans for food. The soldiers plan an all-out war to rid … Read more

Movie Review: Autumn

WOW! I found another good one that’s rated below 4 on IMDB. Even has David Carradine in it. Here’s what it’s about: ” A horrible virus kills billions within minutes. The few survivors that are left have to deal with the shock of the apocalypse, and they have no idea that things are about to get much worse. Billions are dead and the few that are left start to realize they are not alone. Initially … Read more

Movie Review: Space Zombie Bingo

I’ve been watching way too many low rated zombie movies I love lately. So I thought I’d find one I can trash this week, and Space Zombie Bingo delivered. Here’s what it’s about: “The earth is in grave danger when a gang of flesh-eating zombies from outer space arrive on Earth. The future of the world rests solely on the shoulders of the Zombie Defense Corps and their incredulous leader, Major Kent Bendover. Will Major … Read more

Movie Review: Dead Within

Dead Within is a different kind of zombie movie, but that doesn’t make it bad. Here’s what it’s about: ” Six months after the outbreak, a man and woman have survived by isolating themselves in a remote cabin. Starved for resources, they must confront the horrors that threaten them from outside and from within.” Why I say different is because this movie doesn’t have any zombie gore. Dead Within is more psychological thriller than horror. … Read more

Movie Review: Zombeavers

Last week I laughed my ass off watching Zombeavers. Here’s what it’s about: “A fun weekend turns into madness and horror for a bunch of groupies looking for fun in a beaver infested swamp.” Yeah, short description that about says it all. Same old tired plot, but when you watch this one, you won’t fall asleep. Trust me. You’ll be laughing to hard to nod off. Anyway, the zombie beavers steal the show at first. … Read more

Movie Review: Battle of the Damned

This week I watched another zombie movie with a decent budget. Battle of the Damned stars Dolph Lundgren and it was awesome! I’m thinking he and Danny Trejo should consider doing a zombie movie together. Anyway, here’s what it’s about: “When a deadly virus is accidentally released into a major city, its population is quarantined by military blockade. Desperate to rescue his daughter from inside, a wealthy industrialist hires a private military soldier Max Gatling … Read more

Movie Review: Dead Snow 2 – Red vs Dead

This week I have to give credit to a zombie movie with a decent budget. I saw Dead Snow 2, Red vs. Dead at the Mile High Horror Film Festival a couple weeks ago and am incredibly glad I was able to see this one on the big screen. If it weren’t for them adding a midnight viewing, we would have missed it. Anyway, here’s what it’s about: “If the worst day of your life … Read more

Movie Review: Germ

Last week I bashed a zombie film everyone loves; this week I defend one everyone seems to hate. I enjoyed Germ (aka Germ Z) so much that it’s been added to my ‘best of list’ to the right. Anyway, here’s what it’s about: “The military’s attempt to shoot down an orbiting satellite unleashes a space-borne epidemic on a remote, small town.” Pretty lame description for the movie, huh? And not a very original plot. What … Read more

Zombie Wine Holders

This is a lame Wine Wednesday because I’ve been sick since Saturday. The chances of me consuming wine this evening are not likely. So I wanted to do something fun, especially with Halloween coming up, and here it is, zombie wine holders. This is my favorite! I found this guy and bought him to add him to my Halloween decorations! I’m a little shocked that these guys are holding white wine. Hell yeah! First thing … Read more

Movie Review: Detention of the Dead

This week I’m backward, rating a popular zombie flick that has me wondering why Detention of the Dead is so well liked by so many people. Have I gotten old? Anyway, here’s what it’s about: “A group of oddball high school students find themselves trapped in detention with their classmates having turned into a horde of Zombies.” Yes, this is a Breakfast Club meets zombies parody, and it’s just SOOOOO corney and cliche! In fact, … Read more

Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

HOLY CRAP! What an awesome zombie movie! Here’s what it’s about: Not to be confused with the big-screen, vampire hunting mashup, this direct-to-video horror flick has the Great Emancipator battling to save the Union from an attacking horde of Confederate zombies. I LOVED IT! And I can say you won’t confuse this one with Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter because this movie is so much better…if you like B movies. Then again, I fell asleep during … Read more

Movie Review: Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead

HOLY CRAP! Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead is one of the craziest zombie movies out there…and I LOVED IT! Here’s what it’s about: “Wracked with guilt over the suicide of her sister Ai, who was tormented by high school bullies, pretty yong karate student Megumi accompanies a group of older friends on a trip into the woods: smart girl Aya, her druggie boyfriend Tak, big-boobed model Maki, and nerdy Naoi. Things start to go … Read more

Movie Review: Nazis at the Center of the Earth

Hurray! Hurray! I’m adding another ‘bad’ zombie movie to my favorites list. Nazis at the Center of the Earth was low budget, poorly acted and all around cheezy, but it was awesome! Here’s what it was about: When a team of scientists in Antarctica is abducted by masked men, they find themselves in a vast underground cavern populated by Nazis. Worse still, the escaped fanatics are developing ways to regenerate dead flesh, including that of … Read more