Remembering King of the Zombies

It’s been awhile since I reviewed a zombie movie. I got a bit reminiscent when I saw King of the Zombies on TCM channel. I’ve seen this movie a number of times and couldn’t pass up another viewing. Here’s what it’s about: “During World War 2, a small plane off the south coast of America is low on fuel and blown off course by a storm. Guided by a faint radio signal, they crashland on … Read more

Zombie Book Reviews

Today I’m mentioning 2 zombie books for my Halloween book review. The first is Zombies on the Loose by Anne Rooney and the second is The World of Horror: Zombies by Sue Hamilton. Here’s what Zombies on the Loose is about: This amazing book reveals the truth behind the science in creating a zombie out of a real human being. The World of Horror: Zombies is about the same thing plus some more information about … Read more