Book Review: Halloween by Molly Aloian

Today’s Halloween book review is Halloween by Molly Aloian. Here’s what it’s about: Theres more to this spooky festivity than carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating. Halloween explores the history behind this yearly custom, including its roots in ancient Celtic tradition, as well as the costumed and candied evening it is today. This is another book about the holiday, a possible resource if you’re writing a paper for school about Halloween. It’s decent and easy to read. … Read more

Zombie Book Reviews

Today I’m mentioning 2 zombie books for my Halloween book review. The first is Zombies on the Loose by Anne Rooney and the second is The World of Horror: Zombies by Sue Hamilton. Here’s what Zombies on the Loose is about: This amazing book reveals the truth behind the science in creating a zombie out of a real human being. The World of Horror: Zombies is about the same thing plus some more information about … Read more

Monday’s Whine: Sick…AGAIN!!

This week, I’m whining about being sick for the third time this year. What’s up with that?!? Totally ruined our Valentine’s Day weekend. Had to cancel our dinner reservations yesterday. This is certainly no way to start the new year. So I’ve decided I’ll get it all over with for the year by the end of February. No more illnesses this year. No exceptions! But how the heck do I avoid getting sick when everyone … Read more

Book Review: How to Write a Damn Good Novel

Finished reading How to Write a Damn Good Novel this week. Damn good book! It’s a quick read that keeps your interest and is filled with great info for anyone writing a novel. Frey’s instruction on “damn good novel” writing centers around three elements of a good novel: character, conflict and conclusion. The manner in which he explains these three elements have simplified novel writing even further than Stephen King’s “On Writing.” I got it … Read more

Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert

I read this book a couple months ago with mixed feelings. I never would have picked it up if it weren’t for the book club. Getting through the first part of the book was tough! The author goes into great detail about her life leading up to her trip to Italy, India and Indonesia. She’s very open about how neurotic she was while going through a divorce after realizing she didn’t want the traditional family … Read more