Book Review: The Big Halloween Scare by Steven Banks

Today’s Halloween book review is The Big Halloween Scare by Steven Banks. Here’s what it’s about: It’s Halloween, and SpongeBob is determined to scare everyone this year. All he has to do is dress up like the Flying Dutchman. But SpongeBob doesn’t realize just how scary he can look. Join the gang from Bikini Bottom in this spooky Haloween tale! I liked that this is a written version of a SpongeBob episode. Kids really love … Read more

Book Review: Shake Dem Halloween Bones by W. Nikola-Lisa

Today’s Halloween book review is Shake Dem Halloween Bones by W. Nikola-Lisa. Here’s what it’s about: It’s Halloween night. The city is quiet. The city is still. But as the lights go down, the music comes up – and the guests start to arrive at the hip-hop Halloween ball! And oh, what a party it is. Told in hip-hop rhyming text, L’il Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Tom Thumb, and all of their fairy-tale friends come … Read more

Book Review: Hailey’s Halloween by Lisa Bullard

Today’s Halloween book review is Hailey’s Halloween by Lisa Bullard. Here’s what it’s about: It’s time for Hailey’s favorite holiday Halloween! She plans her costume. She also carves jack-o’-lanterns with her family. Finally, it’s time for Hailey to trick-or-treat with her friends. Find out how people celebrate this spooky time of year! This is a fun book because it contains lots of history facts about Halloween. You learn while Hailey decides which of her costume … Read more

Book Review: Froggy’s Halloween by Jonathan London

Today’s Halloween book review is Froggy’s Halloween by Jonathan London. Here’s what it’s about: Froggy tries to find just the right costume for Halloween and although his trick-or-treating does not go as he had planned, he enjoys himself anyway. I LUV FROGS! So this is a fun book for me. Poor Froggy has a difficult time deciding on a Halloween costume. Have you ever had a hard time deciding what you want to be for … Read more

Book Review: The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey

Today’s Halloween book is The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey, and it’s a good one. Here’s what it’s about: Oscar is short, like all dachshunds and other dogs make fun of him. On Halloween he takes more ridicule than ever in his hot-dog costume, but one brave act makes him a hero. Color illustrations throughout. A “School Library Journal” Best of the Best of 1995. Such a CUTE book! We all know that Dave Pilkey writes … Read more

Book Review: Horrible Harry at Halloween by Suzy Kline

Today’s book is Horrible Harry at Halloween by Suzy Kline. Here’s what it’s about: Horrible Harry and his classmates all love Halloween. Everyone wears a costume to school-even Miss Mackle. Every Halloween Harry shocks his classmates with his scary costume. In kindergarten he was a bloody Count Dracula, in first grade he was the Loch Ness Monster, and in second grade he was a slithering snake. So everyone in Room 3B can’t wait to see … Read more