Still digging our way out of the snow

Posted by W.J. Howard

After all the snow we got in Denver and Colorado Springs, this week’s title only seemed fitting but still misleading. We finished digging out Saturday morning and we drive a Hummer, so we never really are stuck anywhere.

Biggest news this week is Randall Stone is joining us here at Minor Insanity whether he likes it or not. I approached him shortly after I read some of his short stories on one of the writer’s sites, and we’ve been friends for a few years now. I absolutely love his Gothic writing style as well as he ability to write a chilling story that will make you laugh. His knowledge of horror history blows me away. It’s very exciting to have him join us shortly before his first novel will be published later this year. Welcome Randall!

Other big news this week is I’ve been accepted to give away free books during World Book Night. I’m so excited to be working with this organization! My plan is to walk to local businesses, meet new people and hand out book. A few friends may be joining me, which will certainly add to the FUN factor. I’ll either be giving away Hunger Games or The Lovely Bones. I hate to say I forgot the title of the other book I chose.

It’s Women in Horror Month and Vamplit is getting as involved as we can with this event. Mainly, a few of us minorly insane will be in the forum over there and discussing women’s impact on the horror genre/industry in the Vamplit group on Dark Media City. Any posts we do will be in the Vamplit Blog, but we’ll post links to ’em here.

Just wanted to remind everyone that Tim is holding a 3 eBook drawing for the Bloody Hearts Blog Hop. Either ‘Like’ the events facebook page OR go here to enter the drawing.

We’re talking about Anne Rice this week for #horrorchat and this Friday continues our oddities theme for #fridayflash. I’m hoping to get R.J. and Randall to join us this week, writing about antique scientific oddities. Knowing them both, they could come up with some amazing stories, hint hint.

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