October Frights Day 2: Fall for Freedom Preview

Welcome to day 2 of October Frights. Today demons are lurking.

I’m featuring Fall for Freedom, only free through the end of this event. This is a very small introduction to Boss the demon in a prequel to The Courier Series. Boss possesses Pete, the main character, and is only heard in Pete’s head. He becomes a major character later in the series and has his own way of keeping himself…well, relevant and alive. ENJOY!

* * *

Inside the industrial-sized kitchen, a plump two-headed woman chops carrots. The head with the tight salt-and-pepper bun sits centered, as if original to the body, while the one with blond hair and rosy cheeks appears attached at the right shoulder. Both look around sixty, but if they’re immortal, there’s no telling their true age.

Oh shit, Boss says. It’s Ulla and Inez.


Necromancers, Demon Whisperers, you name it. Two heads you want on your side when they open up a magical can of whoopass.

“In a convent?” I say. Father Timothy’s concerned about me being here, yet they get a pass. The Catholic Church used to burn their type at the stake.

The priest snaps his attention to me, his expression drawn and sober. “Did you say something?”

“No,” I say, shaking my head.

After placing the wooden box onto the counter, Father Timothy addresses the ladies. “He needs the antidote for a soul contract, and he’s possessed, so he’ll need to regain control of his body as well.”

The two-headed woman moves in and sizes me up, the one with the bun expressing a more judgmental frown. Around my back, a finger draws up my spine.

Oh, crap. Boss says. It could turn ugly if they detect I’m the demon possessing you.

They dislike you?

Try despise me. Especially Inez, the one with the bun.

“Hello.” I grin and twiddle my fingers.

The blond makes an effort to smile, but the other grunts and turns away, taking them into the walk-in refrigerator. Then the door slams.

What do they have against you? I ask.

They exorcized me from my last host, but I escaped before they could put me into a keepsake jars for use in a potion. In the end, the fight resulted in a scar under their housecoat that traumatized me more than them.

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