NaNoEdMo Starts Tuesday

It dawned on me an hour ago that it’s the end of February, and there are only a few days until NaNoEdMo begins. So I decided to drop by the NaNoEdMo website and check on a 2011 badge and add posts in a few discussions. Unfortunately, no badges and it looks like their forum has been invaded by those damn spammers. Also, and there are forum bugs because the site wouldn’t allow me to post until I logged out and logged back in. It’s obvious NaNoEdMo is a baby contest compared to NaNoWriMo, so I’m being patient. I’m even thinking of of helping them out…do I dare go there?

Still, I’m pretty psyched to get started on Tuesday. Figure I have to edit 2 1/2 hours a day if I only edit 5 days a week and that’s doable because I do more than that now. Well, most days of the week. My goal, edit 4 hours a day, six days a week, at lease.  Hmmm…that’s 96 hours. Cool, almost double the requirement.

Other news, I received a certificate in the mail for the 3-Day Novel Contest, pictured below. Put it on the cork board beside a picture on a Native American that reminds me of Oscar, one of the main character’s in The Courier. Threw me off when I received it in the mail. Brought a smile to my face though. Reminders of achievements are always welcome.

3-Day Novel Contest Certificate
Oscar and 3-Day Novel Contest Certificate

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