Mean Winnie Jean’s Horror Happenings in February

Anyone else having a hard time focusing in 2020? That’s been my week, when I realized I still hadn’t posted my monthly happenings post. And I’m way behind on everything I’d hope to complete last month. Not my usual gung-ho start to a year. Maybe it’s a good sign. Or maybe I need Horris the Hellhound to light a little fire under my ass.

All Complaining Aside

Handcuffed in Horror’s discussion theme in February is the usual Bloody Valentine theme. If you’re not a member, head on over to the Handcuffed in Horror Facebook Group to join the FUN for the last month. Sadly, I’ve decided to close the group due to the amount of time it takes to manage it by myself. The good news is that I’m currently searching for another horror group to support. I’ll let you know where I’ve moved beginning of March.

Don’t Forget About the Monthly Drawing

I’ve added a monthly drawing to receive a promo code for a free audiobook of your choice in The Courier Series. Click here to enter. You will need to re-enter each monthly drawing so return every month to re-enter for a chance to win.

That’s all folks. See you in March.

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