Movie Review: Day of the Dead

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the 2008 version of Day of the Dead, so I went into the viewing with low expectations. Maybe that’s why I thought it wasn’t spectacular, but I enjoyed it. I think this film stands on it’s own though, and any reference to it being a remake is ridiculous. Maybe that’s one thing turning people off. I suppose my favorite part of the film is that it takes place in Leadville, Colorado, me being a Colorado girl and all. I did have a problem with the cause of the zombies being a biological weapon, created by the government. Anyone who knows anything about Leadville knows there are already enough toxins in the environment to turn the entire state into the walking dead. All kidding aside, I love horror movies where women kick butt, and I think Mena Suvari did a pretty good job, leading the fight against the zombies. I was even okay with the superhuman zombies. How they transformed and how quickly they burned sent me into a, “Yeah, whatever” moment though. I also thought a larger budget film should have created better gory torture scenes than a bunch of crazed zombies biting the crap out of people. Oh, and holding the zombie captive was just stupid.


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