Mean Winnie Jean Halloween Fun


As far as I’m concerned, Halloween starts in September but officially on October 1st. Here are all the things I have planned for the holiday festivities. I hope you will join me!

This month includes lots of FUN activities in my Handcuffed in Horror and Dark Media Book Club Facebook groups. If you’re not yet a member, hop on over and join us. We’ll be talking about books, movies, games and more all month long.

If you missed out on last month’s FREE download on Amazon, Call for Obstruction and Fall for Freedom are only .99 cents all month long in October.

I’ve only planned on attending one Halloween event this year so that I can get Warrant for Damnation to you ASAP. Join me here in my blog October 10th to the 15th for October Frights, my favorite book event. This event has a book promotion on StoryOrigin Starting today and running through the 15th.

Don’t forget to head on over to Booksie or Wattpad to read the beta version of Warrant for Damnation all month log and as it’s released. I really need your support and thoughts about where the story is heading.

I thought I’d hit rock bottom when I closed the Gates of Hell and ended up on Satan’s Most Wanted List. Then something worse happened. A fallen angel with a nun fetish and a taste for human flesh escaped his prison cell.

He’s Azael, the father I’ve never known. And he’s expanding our family with the intent to reign over mankind.

God’s pissed but willing to give me asylum if I turn against my father and annihilate Azael’s existence. While I agree to His terms, there’s one problem. No one, not even God, knows how to do it.

See ya next month for more Mean Winnie Jean news!
Let’s have some Halloween FUN!

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