How to: Christmas Present Wall Hanging

presenthangingI’ve had the idea for this Christmas wall hanging on my mind for three years now. I even cut the cardboard to make it a couple years ago. Well, it finally got made this year and now hangs in our living room. So incredibly easy to make and you probably even have the supplies laying around your house. Kids, make sure you do this one with a parent. Cutting the cardboard can be a little tricky.

Here’s what you need:

1 Old Cardboard Box
Holiday Themed Scrapbook Paper (or use gift wrapping)
Gift Ribbons
Gift Bows
White Glue

1. Cut the cardboard box into various squares and rectangles for the gift boxes. Cut a few in duplicate sizes—You will cover them together to add depth to the wall hanging.

2. Cover the cardboard squares and rectangles with your choice of holiday themed scrapbook paper. Affix the scrapbook paper on the cardboard by taping the paper at the back. Join two of like-sized cardboard pieces and wrap the two together. No need to glue the cardboard together. Taping the scrapbook paper at the back of the adjoined piece of cardboard will hold them together.

NOTE: Suggest making 5 one-layer gift boxes that will serve as the bottom layer and 3 two-layer gift boxes for the top layer as in the picture above.

3. Add gift ribbon to each gift box, making sure you tape it in place at the back of the gift boxes.

4. Place the wrapped, one-layer gift boxes on a table and arrange them to your satisfaction.

5. Place the wrapped, two-layer gift boxes on top of the bottom layer of gift boxes to your satisfaction.

6. Lift the top layer carefully, apply glue to the back where they touch the bottom layer, then put the gift box back down in place.

7. Glue the remaining top layer of boxes to the bottom layer. Let the wall hanging dry over night.

8. Place gift bows on the gift boxes to further decorate the wall hanging.

9. Hang it on the wall.

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