Wastin’ Time

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a update on what I’m up to. Mainly it’s because I’m having a summer of avoiding editing. Instead, I spend most of my time on household stuff, especially gardening. Just spent the last week enjoying time with family and moving rocks from the neighbor’s front yard to our backyard. To save us all some money, they’re simplifying and we’re re-purposing. The plan is to replace the current mishmash of … Read more

The Bad News, I’m an addict; The Good News, I’m in Recovery

For the last few years I forgot my main career goal, become a successful fiction writer. I was slapped in the face with this realization back in April. Years of goals not met sent me over the edge. That and the stress in my life was threatening to kill me, literally. Yes, literally. My immune system was on fire when I was knocked on my ass. I was an addict hitting rock bottom, my drug … Read more

Two Things at a Time

If only I weighed what this scale reads. Week one with no sugar sucked and it’s only getting worse. Every day around 2:00 P.M. my nerves are on edge, and I could kill someone for a Jolly Rancher. What do I do to curb the cravings? I eat a tablespoon of raisins and half a handful of nuts. Anyway, last week I decided to set 2 goals to get me started, lose one pound a … Read more

New Years Resolutions

Yeah, I’m going there. I have two resolutions this year, both pretty typical: quit eating refined sugar and lose 30 pounds. I don’t really have a choice with the sugar. I’m addicted to it like it’s heroine. No joke. If I go a few days without sugar, I go looking for a fix like a junkie. I not only eat it, I binge on it. For me, it’s been worse than trying to quit smoking … Read more

Goals . . . Again?!?!

Really. It’s time to set yearly goals . . . again? What happened to 2013? It went by in a flash! Back in April I addressed getting back on track with my 2013 goals, but it never happened. I remember writing that I was happy with what I’d achieved early on in the year, but the problem was I had only achieved things that weren’t on my list of goals. Well that’s gotta change in … Read more

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. You know, when we all make promises we rarely keep. This year I have only a few: spend more time on my own writing and keep up on blog posts. Here on my website I’ll post news about my writing and publishing progress, but it won’t be too often. Most of my posts will be on the Minor Insanity blog. Oh, and I’ll post on the Visionary Press blog … Read more

Still digging our way out of the snow

Posted by W.J. Howard After all the snow we got in Denver and Colorado Springs, this week’s title only seemed fitting but still misleading. We finished digging out Saturday morning and we drive a Hummer, so we never really are stuck anywhere. Biggest news this week is Randall Stone is joining us here at Minor Insanity whether he likes it or not. I approached him shortly after I read some of his short stories on … Read more

An awesome start to the week

Posted by W.J. Howard Despite the fact that we had another kid in the hospital over the weekend, this time getting stitched up from a cut to the hand by a broken glass, AND I had another flu virus attack me last week, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MONDAY’S EVER! The Courier was released this morning! WHOO HOO!! GO BUY IT NOW! Or, get it for free by dropping by one of the Minor … Read more

In 2012

Post by W.J. Howard 2011 was a very productive year, and I personally wouldn’t want to read back through my accomplishments, so enough said. Plans for 2012 are just as aggressive and we’ll be sharing them in Monday posts going forward. I promise they won’t be nearly as long as this post, which is an overview of the year ahead. First to happen this year, the release of episode one of The Courier. It’s happenin’ … Read more

Holiday Entertaining

Leave a comment here about your own holiday traditions and everyone wins a free copy of The Courier, Episode 1, Call for Obstruction. This week we’re sharing our holiday entertaining traditions in the Vamplit Blog. It’s all about family when it comes to entertaining at our house. The biggie is a New Years brunch that we host. Lots and lots of food and festivities. And, we have a topic for New Years over in the … Read more

Christmas Decorations

Leave a comment here about your own holiday traditions and everyone wins a free copy of The Courier, Episode 1, Call for Obstruction. We celebrate Christmas, so our house is filled with the traditional decorations. One of my favorite things to do is clutter the fireplace with Christmassy junk. To the right is a picture I captured of one of our dogs, Howie, beside the fireplace. There are usually doggie chews up where he’s looking, … Read more

Yummy Grandma’s Cookies

Leave a comment here about your own holiday traditions and everyone wins a free copy of The Courier, Episode 1, Call for Obstruction. This week we’re sharing holiday recipe for Monday’s holiday traditions over at the Vamplit Blog. Here’s one of my favorite cookie recipes, but not because of the taste since they are loaded with gluten, and I can’t eat the stuff. No, I love this recipe because it was written on paper by … Read more

Thanksgiving Change

We’re talking Thanksgiving traditions this week over at the Vamplit Blog. When you think of traditions, you think of constants, but my family traditions have done nothing but change over the years. The first twenty years of my life had been split between both my mother’s and father’s family, a very traditional dinner on both sides. Then I entered the Air Force and spent my first Thanksgiving with people I’d only known for a few … Read more

Too Many Toys

Every Monday in my publisher, Vamplit’s blog we authors and contributors are sharing links to our fondest memories and holiday traditions in our own blogs. This week we are sharing holiday memories. I plan to share as many days as I can in short post. Please leave a comment about your own memories here or on the Vamplit Blog. I’ll be drawing from the comments on both blogs for one or more of the blog … Read more

Honoring Veterans

Today is a special day for me because I served 8 years in the Air Force back in the 80s and 90s. I dug up this picture, taken during my E-4 pinning ceremony and re-enlistment 20 years ago. I know people say it all the time, but it really does feel like yesterday. Serving my country was the most honorable thing I’ve done in my life, and I’ve spent most of today thinking about all … Read more