Book Review: Halloweena by Miriam Glassman

Today’s Halloween book review is Halloweena by Miriam Glassman. Here’s what it’s about:

When crotchety old witch Hepzibah is given a human child to take care of, she’s horrified (“not a wart on her,” poor thing). And when, after years of careful training in witchery, the child, Halloweena, asks for human playmates, Hepzibah is aghast. Nevertheless, she wants to see Halloweena happy, and as she tries to find friends for her daughter, Halloweena proves she is indeed a good witch-in-training by conjuring up a way to keep them both happy.

I liked this story but was a little disappointed with the ending. The book was witty, so I guess I expected a wittier ending. Hepzibah the witch is a wonderful and quirky character the kids will love. Also loved the illustrations by Victoria Roberts. All the kids costumes were great. If you’re looking for books about acceptance, this is good one.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

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