Book Review: Fat Chance Thanksgiving by Patricia Lakin

Today’s Thanksgiving book review is Fat Chance Thanksgiving by Patricia Lakin. Here’s what it’s about:

After the fire burned through Carla and Mama’s apartment, all Carla had left was her beloved book, A Pilgrim Thanksgiving. Carla read the book over and over. She pretended to be the smiling Pilgrim girl sitting at the feast table, surrounded by family and friends.A year later, when they were finally in a tiny apartment of their own, Carla asked Mama if they could have a Thanksgiving feast. “Fat chance, ” said Mama, who thought there was no room — and no extra money — for a big dinner. But Carla didn’t give up. She and Julio, her new neighbor and friend, decided the building’s lobby would be the perfect location for Thanksgiving dinner. And couldn’t the residents all pitch in and bring the food?

This is one of my favorite if not my most favorite Thanksgiving book I’ve reviewed this month. It’s a heartwarming book about bringing people together around the holidays, in this case people who don’t even know each other. What makes this book so good is that the main character, a little girl named Carla, lost everything in a fire. Despite her losses, she gives so much by bringing the people who live in her new apartment complex together for a Thanksgiving feast.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

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