Book Review: Best of Halloween Tricks & Treats

Today’s Halloween book review is more of a magazine review. It’s Best of Halloween Tricks & Treats by Better Homes and Gardens. Here’s what it’s about:

From spooky to whimsical and everything in between, this publication offers readers a wide variety of projects with a strong family focus that appeals to a broad range of consumers. With the “Better Homes and Gardens”(r) brand, readers can trust that the ideas and projects found inside will help them decorate their homes in clever, creative, and doable ways.

This is a perfect one for me!! There are very few things I enjoy more than sitting down in the evening and flipping through craft books and magazines. I’ve loved doing this since I could first hold up a magazine. This one has some fun projects for decorations and parties, plus recipes. Lots of cool pumpkin patters as well. I got this one online from the library and will check it out again next year.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

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