A New Appreciation for Horror Comedy Actor Adam Scott

Initially I had intended to review the movie Little Evil staring Adam Scott as the step father of the ‘little evil’ boy. Then I remembered Scott is a father in Krampus and is currently starring in one of my new favorite TV horror comedy series, Ghosted.

I was first introduced to Scott as Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation, a show I’ve watched over and over during down times in life to lift my spirits. Considering the state of the world lately, maybe I should binge watch it again. Anyway, Ben Wyatt is such a great supporting character to Leslie Knope. Took the writers a while, but toward the end of the series they gave him some great parts such as the invention of the Cones of Dunshire. And remember the claymation scene. LOL!

I swear I wrote a review for Krampus, but can’t find it on my new website. If you haven’t seen it, add it to your Christmas horror movie watch list. It’s one I quickly added to my annual watch list. All the characters come together as the perfect dysfunctional family. Scott plays the serious and workaholic father who turns protective despite the family falling apart. It’s the exact situation to attract poltergeists and the supernatural. Despite the dark family dynamic, overcoming attacks is done in the most gruesome and hilarious ways with Scott really standing out.

Moving on to Little Evil, I loved it! Here’s what it’s about:

“Gary, who has just married Samantha, the woman of his dreams, discovers that her six-year-old son may be the Antichrist.”

Let me start by saying this is an obvious parody of The Omen. Nothing unique, but Scott carries the plot. Many of the other characters could have stood out more, including ‘Little Evil’ himself, Owen Atlas as Lucas. Despite this, the movie and the characters really worked as a whole.

This movie is safe to watch with kids 10 and older, so make it a family movie night. I predict the kids will really love it. But maybe watch it first. I used to let my kids watch things many parents wouldn’t.

I laughed a lot while watching because of the goofiness throughout, which I consider one of the most important qualities for horror comedy. To the critics who said the movie wasn’t funny enough, try watching it again. There’s a lot to miss the first time through. Or maybe it’s just that I find campy sorts of films extra funny. Watch and judge for yourself. I highly suggest this one.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Then there’s Ghosted, recently canceled during the 1st season. It’s another parody, this time of X Files. Again I’m in the minority in loving a show, but I do have to admit that the storylines are kinda weak and overdone. It’s the characters. What I love is the relationship they were able to develop between Scott and Craig Johnson. I also quickly connected with the other characters, especially Ally Walker, who I’ve been a fan of for years. Later episodes fizzed out and the show got boring as the characters were held back from doing their jobs. To bad! I still thought Scott was great start to finish in his geek-boy role, and I’m hoping he won’t give up on the horror comedy genre.

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