1 Day Down, 30 To Go

Yesterday was a mellow first day, editing The Courier for NaNoEdMo, just as I hoped it would be.

I’m taking a different approach during NaNoEdMo than I did writing 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo, hoping I don’t burn out by day three. When it comes to new stories, I can write like a crazed maniac for days and days. Editing is such a different process though. That approach would probably put me in an asylum by the end of week 2.

Prior to starting EdMo, my approach to editing could be described as “writer with Attention Deficit Disorder.” Today, I forced myself to edit in hour long increments, in between which I’d take a break for ten to sixty minutes. IT WORKED!!

Main obstacle I encountered was that dreaded perfectionist in me. I started editing a scene that is heated, action packed and a transition point in the story. Not a wise decision. I only got through six pages in 3 3/4 hours. YIKES! So my goal for tomorrow is loosen up and let the editing flow a little faster.

There’s one other thing that slowed me down. I recently read Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. A book I wish I’d read before starting at my Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers critique group.  I absorbed some of the best advice I’ve read anywhere from this book.  I pulled out the checklists and am meticulously sifting through the draft, fixing text that strays from standard rules like show vs. tell, too many I’s, repeating words, inserting beats, just to name a few.

That reminds me.  Know about Wordle?  Found out about it in the EdMo forum today.  Nifty tool for writers that counts your word usage.

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