Zombie Book Reviews

Today I’m mentioning 2 zombie books for my Halloween book review. The first is Zombies on the Loose by Anne Rooney and the second is The World of Horror: Zombies by Sue Hamilton.

Here’s what Zombies on the Loose is about:

This amazing book reveals the truth behind the science in creating a zombie out of a real human being.

The World of Horror: Zombies is about the same thing plus some more information about zombies in the movies.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without zombies. Right? That’s why today I’m suggesting you read these books and learn while shivering at the thought of mythical and so called, real-life zombies. These books are perfect for research if you need to write a paper for school too. I think I liked Zombies on the Loose a little more, but you can read and decide for yourself.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

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