You know it’s going to be a bad day when…

Okay, so I’m not normally one to complain, but here’s the story…

I have a laptop. Now, admittedly, it’s not new, it’s not powerful, and it’s not especially fast or comfortable to use — but it has sentimental value. Together, that laptop and I logged about half a million air miles, and seven years together.

So, I’ve gotten used to the fact that if you tip it at the wrong angle, the screen goes all wonky, and that, even after being replaced twice, the battery no longer holds a charge. I can live with that, because, since I stopped traveling for work, I just use it as a computer I can type in the recliner with.

Of course, last month, it started having the problem that all the keys in the row under the “3” would intermittently not work. If I was resting my hand where it was comfortable on the bottom of the laptop, no “C”, “D”, or “E” would appear no matter how much I tried. But if I lifted my hand into the air, then they would come back.

Last night, I noticed that no matter what I did, they wouldn’t work, but I figured, “no big deal, it just means I finally have to pry them up and clean them.”

So, tonight I did. I went in and cleaned all the gunk from 7 years out from under the keys. Turned the machine back on and…

The screen back-light went dead. I only know it came on because you can vaguely see the screen with a light shining directly on it.

The replacement part is over $200, and the C/D/E keys still don’t work.

Sadly, I believe that the time has come to put my poor friend out to pasture…

They just don’t make ’em like they used to.


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  1. Soooo sorry to hear about the laptop!! We've been going through something similar at home with Michael's laptop. He has an old old giant sized Toshiba that actually had some of the best graphics when it was released, and they still hold up. He loves that thing, but it's not so healthy anymore. He might mourn that thing more than he would me.


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