While I Attempt To Pick Myself Back Up

Okay, who said this?  I’m feeling too lazy to look it up.

Success is measured not in how many times you fall down, but by how many times you get back up.

It’s in Literary Agent, Rachelle Gardner’s blog post Good to Great today.  I really needed to read about her recent trip to the U.S. Olympic Training Center.  Used to live not to far from there.  Anyways, loved that Rachelle says,

What impresses me the most is this: These athletes are talented and gifted beyond the ordinary. They’re already elite before they get to the training center. They’ve won hundreds of competitions in their sport. They know they’re “good.” So what do they do? Do they sit back and expect coaches to come knocking and invite them to join the Olympic team?

“No, they do the opposite. They give up everything and work harder than ever to take themselves from good to great. They spend at least 40 hours a week focused on improving their game. And they were already one of the best.

I’m having a bit of a “I want to quit” crisis this week.  I don’t really want to quit writing.  This is the first time I’ve really been faced with this overwhelming feeling that quitting is the best option.  Maybe go work at Target or Wal Mart instead.  Bow out and do something easy and brainless.  Really crappy feeling by the way.  I’m guessing this is just another one of those hurdles we writers have to get over. 

I have to argue with Rachelle though.  Star athletes spend their entire life with the support of their families and coaches.  Fiction writer is one of those occupations like starving artist that’s considered a hobby.  Mom and Dad tell you you’re nuts from the get go if you tell ’em you want to write novels.  “Make sure you have something to fall back on.”  And who can afford a coach?!?  Personally, I’d love it if the drill sergeant therapist from on the Geico commercial would beat down my door right now.

It’s a good thing we now have the Internet, where we can support each other.  Lots of great writers’ groups out there, like Vamplit Writers.  We’re all very supportive of other writers for the most part.  Great blogs like Rachelle Gardner’s to supply the motivational posts.  Still…no one to hold me back from filling out an online application to Target.  Sign!

2 thoughts on “While I Attempt To Pick Myself Back Up”

  1. Don't give up! Keep plugging away at it. Summer is actually a pretty bad time for both authors and publishers–between the hot weather and the lack of interest almost across the board by the audience. Everyone else is out doing things and not even thinking about books despite the arguments over which e-reader to take to the beach.

  2. Thanks, Robert, for the inspirational words!! With time, all things (feelings) pass. And the funny thing is as long as I make the time to slip into the world of fantasy and write, all the negative thoughts go away.

    I also realized that reading too many other writers' blogs is like watching CNN Headline News all day. Depressing.


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