When The Sun Doesn’t Shine

Title’s a little misleading because I couldn’t think of one this morning. Basically I looked out the patio door, could barely see the foothills and the deck is wet. We’re expecting rain all day, I think. Haven’t checked the weather report. Anyways, when the sun doesn’t shine on a Monday morning I find my week starting a little slow and cloudy.

My true reason for this post is to report on 3-Day Novel Contest stuff. I was supposed to start a weekly post on the challenge, but obviously haven’t until now. It occurred to me this morning that since I started #fridayflash, I’ve gotten a little consumed with writing short stories. Certainly not a bad thing considering it’s one of my goals this year. Still, I need to get back on track, planning the somnambulist story.

This morning I noticed that the challenge is only 75 days from the start date, which doesn’t make me nervous because writing up the detailed outline last year took less than a week. However, it occurred to me while writing in my journal that I’m no where near as connected to the characters in this story as I am to Barry and all his friends in The Courier series. I also had a high-level outline written along with a lot of other artifacts. So I figured the best way to start this week is by taking inventory:

What do I have so far?

  • The high-level idea for the story plot is set in stone
  • There’s a clear protagonist and antagonist
  • The first chapter has been written
  • The Scrivener file is set up and ready to go

What do I need this week?

  • Short 1-2 sentence synopsis
  • Set up a page for additional ideas
  • Character sketches for the protagonist and antagonist

I’ll leave my goals at that for this week and will let you know how it goes next week.

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