When Goals Attack

This year I set goals like I do every year, only this year they were pretty pathetic. Let’s just say I’ve been in a foul mood most of 2013, unhappy and confused about much of the direction my life and career have taken over the past few years. We all go through rough patches and I’m more than ready for this spate of misfortunes to end.

The last few weeks have been particularly difficult. I’m really not able to do much other than new writing and editing. Yes, I’m complaining about being productive in what I do best. Unfortunately, I feel a bit of a block coming on. I also have a co-op to manage and a house to keep up, both starting to suffer and the later starting to smell a little too much like beagle.

I think it all started when I opened up my writing planner and took a long hard look at my past years achievements since 2010. Um, well, I haven’t achieved a lot of what I set out to do. At first I threw a fit, had my temper tantrum and got it over with. Then I reminded myself I haven’t been slacking off for 3 years and gave myself a little credit for the stuff I’ve achieved that’s not on the list. A WHOLE lot of other stuff.

And, so, I’m turning to my blog, where I hardly ever write anymore for support. I plan to spend a day or two sorting out the last three years. What are the good things that have happened and how do I continue on a positive path? What are the lessons learned and how do I avoid the same misfortune in the future? How do I get back on track and achieve the things I’d hoped to already accomplish? Three good places to start I think. Now I’m off to actually accomplish this goal. More later . . . .

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