Weekly Whine: Kindle Book Prices

Last week I got half way through One for the Money by Janet Evanovich, which I picked up from the library. The book was suggested to me and I’m absolutely loving it. So, I decided I’d buy the book plus the next couple in the series for the Kindle, but only until I checked out the prices. Now, these books were published ten plus years ago, so there’s a mass market format available for sale as well, but the cost of the mass market format is a dollar less than the Kindle version. I’m not paying more for a Kindle version!! Even if it is only a dollar.  And since I got the Kindle, I won’t buy paper anymore.  For me it’s a matter of the wasted resources put into producing a paper book and shipping it to my house. Sure I know it costs money to convert a book to kindle and ship it via cyberspace, but the cost to our environment is much less than the cost of recycling the paper, producing the ink, printing a book, and shipping it via ground.  Doing my part for the environment is more important to me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll pay more for a eBook.

Wait a second, did I just contradict myself?  Maybe.  It’s just that I’ve been reading a lot about the evolving publishing industry and I don’t feel sorry for publishers and authors that didn’t prepare for the transition.  Nor do I buy into the fear factor of eBook pirating based on music pirating.  Whole different market.  And don’t try to tell me that authors are powerless.  I live with a lawyer and know better.  So until they get their act together, Scribner lost out on the sale of 3+ books, and I’ll continue to get the paper books from the library.

Note that most of my opinions on the changing face of publishing come from A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing and my dear friend Gaynor Stenson, the new publisher at eBook Undead in the U.K.

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