Weekly Whine: Approaching the Half Way Point

A rude awakening came to me last week when I read Mini Check-up: Where are you on your goals for 2010? a post on Writer’s Inspired.

According to my calendar, July 1 will bring us to the 182nd day of 2010, leaving us with 183 days to complete our goals for this year.


After I read Mary Jo Campbell’s blog post, I told myself I’d sit back this weekend and think about my own accomplishments, critically, and try to figure out a make-up plan.  Well, I did yard work instead.  I didn’t blow off setting a plan though.  Yard work provides a lot of time to think things over.  So in between rose bush pricks and scrapes all over my arms, I realized I’ve accomplished quite a bit this year.  It may not be what I’d hoped it be, but I’ve been no slouch.

What I did confirm is that I’m burned out on The Courier.  All I’ve been working on is the writing, editing, outlining, and planning of five separate books and frankly, it’s driving me batty.  I haven’t written a poem or short story in the longest time.  I live and breath Barry, Nina, Margery, and the new characters.

When I worked at corporations, I never worked one project, mostly because I’d get bored like I am now.  So I’ve starting a new project with an old co-worker, fellow writer and long time friend.  Surprisingly, this new project, which we started last week, has provided impetus for The Courier as well.

I’m not going to provide any information about the new project, since we’re still working on our pitch.  Hopefully we’ll have it done by Friday, so this week’s question may be all about the new project and the new writing partner.  Stay tuned!!

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