Week 2 Holiday Horror Movie Marathon

It’s week 2 of the holiday horror movies reviews and I managed to watch three movies this week, one of which was a Thanksgiving movie.

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T.K. Millin suggested Thankskilling and I’m so glad. It was such a FUN movie! Low budget, campy, right up my alley. Typical slasher movie plot with the turkey hell bent on killing everyone, but the murderous turkey in this movie was hilarious with his killing techniques and ridiculous puns. Don’t miss this one, in fact, sequel, sequel! The film maker can afford it considering it only cost $3500 to make the first movie. I’m adopting Gaynor’s rating system this week and this film was worthy of 4 rabid reindeer bites out of 5.

Oh, and I hadn’t even thought of Thanksgiving horror movies when I made the holiday horror movie list and according to Horror News Net there are only three. Check out List: The 3 Best, and only, Thanksgiving Themed Horror Movies. Unfortunately, Thankskilling is the only one I have access to watch. Anybody out there seen the other two?

Santa Claws was horrible. SO SO BAD! I beg of you, don’t watch this film. Let’s just say the murder weapon didn’t have the ability to inflict a scratch on the victims in reality and from there it just gets worse. I have no idea how it even got a 2 star rating on Netflix. Oh yeah, had to be the soft-core porn mixed in. But seriously people, there’s plenty of porn out there. Skip this movie and head for the Internet! This is officially the worst horror movie I have ever wasted an hour and a half of my life watching. 0 out of 5 rabid reindeer bites.

Silent Night was an enjoyable surprise after watching Santa Claws. There are even recognizable actors in this one, so the acting was much much better than the previous two reviews. It’s got an escaped mental patient, haunting old estate, decent storyline, some well done murder scenes and an artsy air to it, all essential ingredients for a good horror movie. Still there was something missing in it for me. Not that I’m saying don’t watch it. I just don’t feel it’s got the quality of a really good 1970s horror film. This might be a better film to watch in the dark, at night, with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of eggnog. Do those two go together? So I gave it 3 out of 5 rabid reindeer bites.

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