Week 1 Holiday Horror Movie Marathon

Welcome to week 1 of the holiday horror movies reviews. Unfortunately I only have one for you this week. Getting all the other events in place over on the Vamplit Blog, plus finishing up the edits for The Courier are proving time consuming. In fact, there are still two movies waiting for me in the mailbox. At least I’ll have two for you next week. Anyways, here’s the review, which is not actually a horror movie, but a fun one to watch with the kids.

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Santa Claus was the first movie I watched because I was curious about it’s 1959 release date. Most of the Christmas horror movies are dated from the 1970s on, considering a religious holiday like Christmas was once off limits except for the scary ghosts in A Christmas Carole and greedy rich men like Mr. Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life. I never really thought about holiday horror movies being influenced by the Vietnam War, Watergate, Recession Era and further commercialization of the giving season, but there is was, right in front of my face as I put together the list of holiday horror movies for the marathon. It has me wondering how our current times will influence holiday movies.

Anyways, Santa Claus is not a horror movie despite the devil character on the cover. It’s a fun movie for the kids, filmed in Mexico and later dubbed for an American audience. Lucifer is out to ruin Christmas and sends his best demon, Pitch, to turn all the children against Santa. The movie is filled with moral lessons for kids, so it’s good in that respect. But like I said, it’s for kids. I found it a little painful to sit through due to the boring narration in English. I can see children jumping up and down, rooting for Santa to win against Pitch though. I even suggest you watch it with the kiddies. The movie does has it’s moments. There are some interesting scenes and the set for Santa’s communication center was a hoot. I give it a 3 out of 5.

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