Two Things at a Time

Weighing-Scales-1If only I weighed what this scale reads.

Week one with no sugar sucked and it’s only getting worse. Every day around 2:00 P.M. my nerves are on edge, and I could kill someone for a Jolly Rancher. What do I do to curb the cravings? I eat a tablespoon of raisins and half a handful of nuts.

Anyway, last week I decided to set 2 goals to get me started, lose one pound a week and quit the sugar during the first quarter of 2014. I’m kinda cheating though. Going cold turkey on the sugar alone equals one pound a week. Yeah, I can binge on that much sugar. In fact, I lost 3 pounds last week and I ate potato chips.

I’m only focusing on achieving my goal for the first quarter for two reasons. One, the one pound a week goal for the first quarter takes off 12 pounds and that sounds more than doable during the 3 months. It also allows for setbacks. Two, sugar withdrawal lasts up to 8 weeks. Because the sugar addiction is key to overcome first, 12 weeks should put me in a position to tackle the next set of goals much easier.

During the second quarter my goals won’t change much. They’re not firm, but I’m thinking of upping my weekly weight loss goal to 2 pounds a week. I’ll also spend the three months making sure sugar remains off the menu. I almost fee guilty for not working harder. Okay, maybe not so guilty.

Drop by next week and I’ll let you know if anyone has lost their life for a piece of gluten-free chocolate cake.

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