TV Show Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead

I’ve been VERY antsy to review the new Starz series, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and this is the week it hit my schedule. YAY! Whether you’re familiar with the Evil Dead movies or not–and how could you not know about Bruce Campbell and his evil book–watch the trailer below to find out where this TV series starts 30 years later.

I have to say I nearly wet my pants when I saw the advertisement for Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz, and even better that Bruce Campbell was returning as Ash. I stopped everything I was doing and set the DVR.

AshVSEvilDeadCertain things happen to a gal like me–devoted horror movie fan since the age of six–after watching a horror movie about a guy who cuts off his own hand with a chainsaw and then uses that chainsaw to fight evil. Without going into too much detail, I’ve been in love with Ash Williams ever since I saw the Evil Dead 2 movie.

Ash has aged 30 years physically in the series, but his mentality hasn’t. You see from the start that he’s as goofy as you’d expect a guy with his history to be. That made me fall in love with him all over again. Now add in an amazing cast that includes Lucy Lawless, a mysterious stranger looking for Ash; his sidekicks, Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo; and Jill Marie Jones, a cop out to arrest Ash for the chaos she’s sure he’s responsible for. They all fit well together and make every episode a dose of evil magic.

I can’t tell you what I don’t like about this series because there is nothing. The shows are a mix of bloody gore and side-splitting hilarity. They’ve kept true to the movies with old school FX that is amazing! Each episode is a half-hour that goes by in the blink of an eye, cliche but true because it is just that good! You’re afraid to look away from the screen for even a second because you might miss something. The list of things I love about Ash vs. Evil Dead goes on and on.

Thank you, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, for bringing Evil Dead back as a TV show instead of a fourth movie! This new show is brilliantly done!

My Rating: 10 out of 5 Bloody Brains

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