Too Many Toys

Every Monday in my publisher, Vamplit’s blog we authors and contributors are sharing links to our fondest memories and holiday traditions in our own blogs. This week we are sharing holiday memories. I plan to share as many days as I can in short post. Please leave a comment about your own memories here or on the Vamplit Blog. I’ll be drawing from the comments on both blogs for one or more of the blog hops I’ll be joining.

My first memory this week is based on the first childhood picture I happened upon on my computer. A couple years ago I scanned most of my parents and grandmother’s photographs and we have a lot like this one. This picture was taken in 1971 when I was 6 years old and my sister was 3. My parents showered us with gifts when we were kids. I mean Santa showered us with gifts as he did my children. Our living room was cluttered with toys for days. My sisters and I were fortunate to receive the amount of gifts we did, and I carried on the tradition with my own children. Can’t wait to spoil our grandchildren in the future.

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