To Wine or Not to Wine

I’ve had two down days of feeling like a cold or flu is coming on. So I’ve had to contemplate canceling Wine Wednesday in between popping zink tablets. Then, in my cloudy state of mind, I wondered if a glass or two will actually be harmful or helpful. After all, wine is good for the heart. Off I went to Google and found this.

It has been found that those who drink a glass of red wine daily are about 20% less likely to contract the flu. It is believed that this may be related to the vitamins and antioxidants, like resveratrol, present in red wine (but largely absent in white or blush wines). Although alcohol tends to depress the immune system, drinking a glass or two of red wine when sick with a cold or flu is probably not detrimental and may prove beneficial. Other studies have shown a daily glass of red wine is beneficial to the heart, and lowers the odds of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other types of age-related dementia (probably due to the resveratrol). Excessive alcohol use, however, is definitely detrimental to health.

I found a number of other articles on the subject, agreeing that red wine can help combat a virus, especially a cold. One article said a study showed that 14 glasses of wine a week decreases your changes of getting a cold by 40%. Well, I’m a wino, but that’s even too much for me to drink. So, HELL YEAH, we’re having red wine tonight!

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