The Smallest Pumpkins by Xandria Welch

Once upon a time there was a small pumpkin named Jerry. He was sad because everyone called him shortstack. He didn’t like his name. He wanted a name like the big pumpkins had. So everyday for a week he would hang around the big pumkins. But that only made them call him more mean names. He didn’t want the big pumpkins to call him names anymore. Eventually he gave up.

One day, while Jerry was moping in the corner, he saw something that looked like a smaller pumpkin. He went up to the pumpkin and asked her names. She said her name was Theresa but everyone called her Baby Squash.

She was a squash!

After they found out they had so much in common, they formed their own group. They called themselves ‘The Happiest Pumpkins’. With their friendship blooming like this, their name suited them perfectly.

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