Derren Brown: The Push

This week I’m reviewing the truly disturbing documentary, Derren Brown: The Push. I’ve even tagged it for my Evil in Pop Culture articles because this sort of human manipulation more than qualifies for the series.

Let’s start with what it’s about:

“Four people are being put through a huge choreographed scenery created to persuade them to do things they normally would not do. The finale minutes reveal who would be ready to push a human being over the edge of a building due to social pressure. “

This is the sort of documentary you hope is bullshit, and while you watch, you’ll think you’d never take a situation this far. Mostly, it’s a who-knows-what-the-hell-you’d-do scenario. Under most circumstances, I’m a strong person, not afraid to confront people or tell them where to go. Usually gets me in big trouble. Now that I’m in my 50s, I’m even more impatient and would have grabbed a phone and called emergency support immediately. So, it’s interesting that the people more willing to follow through were in their twenties. They were also women, which is very disturbing that the sex that brings life into this world was so quick to push a guy off the roof.

I still wonder if this is real. At the same time, I remember another recent show that proved you can hypnotize a person to kill, and they’ll follow through. There are also all those psychological experiments that have shown people’s quick willingness to torture fellow human beings for extended periods of time, which to me is worse than pushing a guy off a roof.

Psychology aside, I found The Push very entertaining. I was glued to the television with my mouth dropped most of the ride. If you don’t believe this could happen, you’ll spend the hour cursing at the screen. Suggest you try it out and see for yourself which side you’re on.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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