The Masks We Wear

Time for some more fun with horror movies, this time crossing over with the masks that are so prevalent with the villains. Some masks are placed on the face, while others are the result of some physical modification. Halloween is the time of year we can also wear these masks with honor.

What type of mask would you wear?

Skin Masks

From Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Motel Hell, or even the Whisperers in Walking Dead, would you skin a human or an animal and wear the face? Whom or what’s face would you choose?

Manufactured Masks

So many ways to cover your face like Michael Myers and Jason. Would you choose this option and what sort of mask would you choose to cover your face while you complete your dastardly deeds?

Physical Modification Masks

This is my favorite type of masks whether cutting or burning or adding pins. So many creative options to sculpt your face for a night of bloody fun. Got any ideas for your own scary look and how would you create your mask?

Genetic Modification Masks

Maybe you’d rather tap into science to put on your mask. Might you splice yourself with an animal? What would you do to modify your looks to terrorize the trick-or-treaters on the darkest night of the year?

Makeup Masks

Maybe you relate more to Pennywise or the Joker. What deception might you paint on your face to express that you’re extra rotten to the core?

Tell us about your choice of mask in the comments below.

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Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz:

1. What is the name of the hotel in The Shining? Stanley Hotel
2. What town and state does Freddie Krueger enter your nightmares? Springwood, Ohio
3. What is the name of the camp in Friday the 13th? Camp Crystal Lake
4. Where are the scientists in The Thing located? Antartica
5. The mogwai named Gizmo is acquired from where? Antique store in Chinatown
6. What fictional town is plagued with vampires in The Lost Boys? Santa Clara
7. Name the insane asylum in the Halloween movie. Smith’s Grove Sanitarium
8. In the movie Aliens, what is the name of spaceship? For extra credit, what is the name of the colony? USS Sulaco and the colony is Hadleys Hope
9. What is the town and state where you don’t want to encounter the Children of the Corn? Gatlin, Nebraska
10. What state contains the Pet Sematary? Maine

2 thoughts on “The Masks We Wear”

  1. I think I’d use a make up mask. I’ve seen some very scary faces by people who are very artistic and create a frightening image. The impression that lips are sewn together is very disturbing, yet I like it, LOL


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