The Courier is a Co-WINNNER

WHOO HOO!!! The Courier is a co-winner in the Textnovel Online Fiction Contest with Catherine Mambretti, author of Chalk Ghost, about “a ghost trying to unravel the mystery of her own death, which also turns out to be the only way she can save a young, deaf Chippewa mother named Lily Whitehorse and her infant son who now occupy the same apartment where the ghost died.” Congratulations to Takatsu as well for winning Readers’ Choice for Second Hand Memories. It involves high school love and the tragic loss of memory by a young girl.

Looking back, I’m so glad I entered The Courier in Textnovel’s literary contest. The journey to becoming a co-winner has been incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally. Thanks to my family and friends for supporting me through the process and for being equally excited about my success. And a special thanks to Textnovel and its members for recognizing The Courier and for providing a supportive online environment where writers can help each other grow.

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