Thanksgiving Change

We’re talking Thanksgiving traditions this week over at the Vamplit Blog. When you think of traditions, you think of constants, but my family traditions have done nothing but change over the years.

The first twenty years of my life had been split between both my mother’s and father’s family, a very traditional dinner on both sides. Then I entered the Air Force and spent my first Thanksgiving with people I’d only known for a few months. I haven’t spent another Thanksgiving with either of my parents’ families since (WOW), opting to visit around Christmas instead.

My first husband and I came together and shared our family traditions as our family grew. When that marriage ended I still spent the day with my sons, but it broke my heart that they had no interest in eating the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. So we instead ventured out in the afternoon to see a movie and then went out to dinner. Some years the boys even ate pancakes instead of turkey.

For the last ten years with my current husband, the usual traditions returned. We used to travel every year to Southern Colorado, where we spent a day or two with his family. This is our second year staying home.

This is a very special year for our family, especially me, who usually prepares the dinner. Next year my youngest son starts chef school, so we will spend the week cooking together. A flip flop of tradition considering it has mainly been the women preparing the meal together. In addition, my oldest son is getting married next year, so we have a new member of the family, joining us during the holiday festivities.

Jake and I will spend the week cooking, and as we prepare dishes, I’ll post the recipes. We would love to hear from you as well here or over on the Vamplit Blog. What are your traditions and special family recipes.

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