I don’t know about RJ, but I’m so glad it’s Friday, I took an hour nap, ate lunch, and am now making turtle brownies I can’t eat because they’re not gluten free.  Don’t feel sorry for me though.  I’m making gluten free cup cakes next.  YUM!

Quick Update…  Next Friday we’re  starting an ‘Ask the Author’ segment.  You can submit questions through our form to me, R.J. or both of us.  Click here to submit a question or go to the Contact page.

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Have a great weekend!!

5 thoughts on “TGIF!!!!

  1. My Friday, unfortunately, was more of a "oh no, it's Friday already," as I have a brace of big projects due next week at work. While the kids getting to the end of school is nice, all those last minute things meant I spent way less time at work then I should have, and I'm up against the wall now for coding… So, my Friday ended around 10PM, and then my Saturday picked up where Friday left off.

    Oh well, who needs a weekend anyway?

  2. That sucks! Hopefully you got a chance to relax on Memorial Day.

    I ended up writing a couple new parts for The Courier while watching Harry Potter. Michael made 4 gallons of chili and I ate too much. Had to hit the Tums.

  3. There is no such thing as too much chili. (I had some Loop Chili on Sunday afternoon. Mmmm, searing heat.

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