Week 4 Bad Zombie Movie Marathon Reviews

It’s week 4 of my zombie movie a day marathon with Gaynor Stenson on the Vamplit Blog and this was a bizarre week of different zombie movies. For the most part I enjoyed what I watched. Here are the reviews: The only thing I knew about Johnny Sunshine going in was what I read in the Netflix description, which really leaves out much of what the film is really about. Here’s what I read: “In … Read more

Week 3 Bad Zombie Movie Marathon Reviews

It’s week 3 of my zombie movie a day marathon with Gaynor Stenson on the Vamplit Blog and I haven’t gone crazy yet. Jake and I are still watching our way through some pretty poorly rated movies, and this week we found a few gems and a few stinkers. These reviews are also posted with Gaynor’s over on Vamplit Blog. Beast Within was one of my favorites this week. I watched it alone after seeing … Read more

Week 2 Zombie Movie Marathon Reviews

Welcome to week 2 of the zombie movie a day marathon I’ve embarked on for Halloween with Gaynor Stenson on the Vamplit Blog. I’m posting my reviews here and over there with hers every Tuesday. My goal is still to watch the poorest rated zombie films by my streaming video provider, although this week the quality has improve quite a bit. Drop by the Vamplit Blog to read Gaynor’s reviews. Here are mine: In Raiders … Read more

Week 1 Zombie Movie Marathon Reviews

Here are my reviews for the first week of the zombie movie marathon Gaynor Stenson and I are doing over at the Vamplit Blog. You can read both my and her reviews over there too. This will be quick. First of all, I’m glad I spared my son on this one and watched it alone. Yes, Zombie Nation rates with some of the worst horror movies I’ve seen. Yes, the acting sucked. The set looked … Read more

Movie Review: Bad Taste & Dead Alive Directed by Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings movies, directed two of my favorite horror flicks, Bad Taste and Dead Alive (also known as Brain Dead). I was shocked a couple years ago when I figured it out! Jackson directed, wrote (with help) and appeared in Bad Taste back in 1987. In the movie, “the population of a small town disappears and is replaced by aliens that chase human flesh for their intergalactic … Read more