Wine with Breakfast for Dinner

We’re big winos around our house, attend wine tastings whenever we can and enjoy sharing our likes and dislikes with anyone who will listen.  In fact, we’ve keep a spreadsheet over the years that contains our and friends’ ratings on various wines.  It’s up to 264 different varietals…oh my. Lately I’m finding that I really enjoy white wines from Chili.  The reds we’ve tried are okay, but that could be because we haven’t tried many … Read more

Werewolves & Wine & Beer & Coffee

So sorry I’ve missed about a month of wine posts. I’ve been mismanaging my time lately. Time management is something I know so well I could write a book on it, but you gotta actually follow the practice. So I can’t even come up with a good excuse. Anyways, if you’re on Twitter, you know that every day seems to have a theme or two or three. Being a writer, we try to support each … Read more

To Wine or Not to Wine

I’ve had two down days of feeling like a cold or flu is coming on. So I’ve had to contemplate canceling Wine Wednesday in between popping zink tablets. Then, in my cloudy state of mind, I wondered if a glass or two will actually be harmful or helpful. After all, wine is good for the heart. Off I went to Google and found this. It has been found that those who drink a glass of … Read more