Brown Bag Wine Tasting

I found Brown Bag Wine Tasting with William Shatner awhile back, but forgot to feature it on Wine Wednesday. I’ll mention that he tastes wine with some interesting people and leave it at that. Go over and enjoy a few episodes. Brown Bag Wine Tasting with William Shatner – The Webseries: Bill goes out into the public with a bottle of wine in a brown paper bag. After meeting a new friend, they taste and … Read more

Try Unchained Naked Chardonnay

I’ve decided to shut down the Minor Insanity blog and re-post my #WineWednesday posts here until I have time write new posts, probably in June after the insane Story a Day in May challenge. This week I’m expressing my love for Unchained Naked Chardonnay a wine by Big House Wine Company. They say on their website: “We veered off the California standard by using steel tank and neutral oak barrels; thereby preserving the true fruit … Read more

Vinny No Neck Wine, Spicy and Flowery

This week I decided to try something new, so I pulled the first wine that caught my eye, Vinny No Neck by Bonacquisti Wine Company. I was then excited to find that it’s a Denver produced wine, which means we can visit the tasting room. Here’s what they say about their wine. In honor of our son Vincent (who will be a foot taller once he grows a neck). This Italian style red is a … Read more

Sexy Wine Labels

As Valentines day quickly approaches and considering my hubby pulled out a bottle of The Watchers from Fetish Wines for tonight, this post was a given. Hmmm . . . I wonder what he has planned this evening? Let’s face it, we’re all suckers for a sexy wine label whether it’s the name of the wine or the picture on front. I can’t argue with all the articles I’ve read today, sex sells! And so … Read more

Kendall Jackson Ain’t Bad Wine

I missed a few weeks posting because I’m on partial vacation and very busy over at Visionary Press Cooperative. Starting a new business is FUN FUN FUN, but soooo time consuming. I’m so glad I’ve got the support of Blaze McRob and Sue Mydliak through our start up! This will be a quick one just because I wanted to make sure I posted. In fact, I’ll probably post more of our favorites until after the … Read more


And I don’t mean that I’m posting my wine suggestion late this Wednesday. That’s actually the name of the wine. I’m pretty lazy tonight, so this will be short and sweet. We’ve been drinking Oops Wines for a little over a year now and it’s on our regular purchase list. We get them from Safeway, who seems to be the only carrier of the wine in our area. Tonight’s selection was Carmen’re Merlot. The (oops) … Read more

My FAV Vineyard

This week I’m highlighting an Australian vineyard and winemaker rather than an individual wine. We drink more D’Arenberg wine in our house than any other. Check out this page and you’ll see all the labels, making them quite a prolific wine producer. Prices are mainly affordable, and a few higher but well worth it! The first wine we tried was the Dead Arm Shiraz and and fell so in love with it we had to … Read more

Liked Voss Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc

Tonight’s wine is a 2009 Voss Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, and we liked it just fine and would buy it again. Didn’t blow us away thought. “The Voss Sauvignon Blanc developed beautifully during the warm summer days and typically cool evenings. We harvested for maturation over two nights in early September with the various vineyard blocks giving us a breadth of fruit profile. Our pre dawn harvesting, when the fruit is at its coldest, helps to … Read more