Let Your Life Shine

Summing up today’s Sparkle, I believe my life shines in every way. What we forget is that even on bad days, weeks, months, years, there are still sparkles all around, right there in front of us. We can choose to put on sunglasses that dull the sparkles or live in the light. Two of the brightest sparkles in my life at the moment are the rewarding experience of fostering a rescued beagle for the first … Read more

Scribbling My Heart Out

Sparkles for the last two days are in today’s post because yesterday was a short meditation session, and at first I didn’t think it would fill a post.  Today I have scribbles to show off, which I’ve cropped and included throughout the post.  You can click on each and enlarge them. First I’ll share a little something about yesterday’s sparkly meditation session.  I meditate often, so it was a familiar exercise, relaxing and refreshing.  In … Read more

Say Cheese

I got my first Sparkle assignment today, right after I got out of the shower. Initially I was a little irritated that the assignment was to take a picture of myself. Figured I’d have to go dry my hair and put on a little make up before taking the picture, when what I really wanted to do was eat lunch. Then I remembered the advice given in the introduction. Don’t over think it. Be spontaneous. … Read more

Ready to Sparkle

After an hour of trying to reactivate my merchant account with PayPal, I’m signed up to join Sparkles. Damn, it was irritating, but I’m trying to remember that sometimes I’m impatient and obstacles are designed to keep things on the Internet secure. Now back to the positive… What is Sparkle? Sparkles is a creative e-course. For 31 days, you’ll go on an adventure designed to awaken your creative spirit and fill you and your days … Read more