Button the Maltese began the morning ritual of yapping and waking neighbors when he saw Digger the Beagle poke his nose through a small rounded hole in the fence. Digger followed suit, baying back at his neighbor, but unlike most morning, the commotion abruptly stopped a few seconds later. The dogs’ owners didn’t care why the barking stopped. They were instead content with the silence until an hour later when Chang, Button’s owner, decided to … Read more

Something to Hide

This story was submitted to a writing contest a couple months ago and made it to the top 100 judging, but didn’t place. Everyone has something to hide, but they can’t hide it from me. I see their secrets in a cloud, literally hanging over their heads. I suppose that’s why I became a private detective. I started seeing people’s secrets after serving in the Army during the height of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. … Read more

Down the Dark Staircase

In one of my networking groups, we were challenged to write a fifty word story. Down the Dark Staircase below is my contribution. The second half came out a little to poetic though. She flipped the switch, but no light illuminated. A tight grip on the banister would guide her down the staircase, and unknowingly into a breakneck slash. It pulled her into the darkness and bit, not knowing its death strike missed. She trashed … Read more