The Numbers Speak

Real quick post that it’s exactly one week since I announced no more social networking for the rest of the year, and I thought you might find it interest that the folder where I filter all my networking emails contains 435 messages.  Now consider this…I’m not a very active social networker.

No More Social Networking…For Now

I’ve finally given in to a series of synchronistic events that have tirelessly directed me to lay off the social networking for awhile.  Until 2011 to be exact.  I’m the one that threw that date out and so far I haven’t gotten any flack back from The Universe about it.  Yeah, I know, I keep going back and forth about networking and blogging, and you’re probably not taking me seriously.  I expect that response.  Like … Read more

I’m Lovin’ Tumblr

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve settled into tumblr at   Funny, but after I announced that I’d only be posting my writing status here in my blog, I found that Tumblr is the perfect replacement for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.  So as I find interesting blog posts and articles, I’m posting a link over on my Tumblr page, which automagically posts on my Twitter and Facebook accounts as well.  If you … Read more

What is Your Definition of a “bad writing day”?

Okay, I’m seriously behind today, and I totally forgot to post my weekly question. OOPS! This week’s question is from me to me and inspired by missing the entry date for the Gold Contest and joining the Creative Everyday Blog Hop this week.   The theme this month is bliss.   What do I do to achieve a state of bliss?  Well, I miss deadlines for contests…hee, hee, hee.  If you remember from my confession Monday, … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour #8

How to Join the Tour All About Writers & Books This week’s highlight was an interview with fellow Wicked Writer Gregory Marshall Smith over at Labotomy of a Writer. I finished reading They Call the Wild Muryah and Greg is quite the new talent in Sci Fi writing. The eBook is free on Smashwords and well worth the read! There’s an awesome new feature over at Book Chick City. A kinda Cribs for writers that … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour #7

How to Join the Tour All About Writers & Books I really enjoyed Fairy Tales Gone Naughty over at Book Junkie because I’ve dabbled in writing a few of my own. This week wrapped up with guest posts by Brenna Lyons and Natasha Moore If you’re looking for new releases, check out New Vampire Books for March 2010. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith looks really interesting and FUN! Fellow writers, read some good … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Tour #6

How to Join the Tour All About Writers & Books I really enjoyed this interview with Pamela Samuels Young over at Book Junkie, especially when she talks about trying to get people to critique her first novel. New Way of Book Reviewing was good for a chuckle. It’s one student’s comparison of ‘Titanic’ and ‘My Life’ by Bill Clinton. Where have I been hiding? I’m wondering because I’ve run into quite a few book reviews … Read more