Book Review: Christmas In Mouseland by Katharine Holabird

Today’s holiday book review is Christmas In Mouseland by Katharine Holabird. Here’s what it’s about: Angelina auditions for the role of Cinderella Mouse for a special Christmas dance performance, but she gets the part of the Wicked Stepmouse instead. Angelina tries her best to convince Miss Lilly and the show’s director that she deserves the part of Cinderella, but she has no luck. Will Angelina stay with the show? Loved this story and the illustrations. … Read more

Book Review: Angelina’s Christmas by Katharine Holabird

Today’s Christmas book review is Angelina’s Christmas. Here’s what it’s about: When Angelina Ballerina sees old Mr. Bell all alone at Christmastime, she decides to bring him some holiday cheer. Cousin Henry doesn’t want to help—until he finds that there’s a real Santa Claus living in their town! With festive sparkly foil on the jacket and a heartwarming story, this book is perfect for holiday giving. AUTHORBIO: Katharine Holabird’s first Angelina Ballerina book was published … Read more

Book Review: One Is a Feast for Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale by Judy Cox

Today’s Thanksgiving book review is One Is a Feast for Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale by Judy Cox. Here’s what it’s about: The Thanksgiving feast is over. Mouse spots one pea, which is quite enough for one mouse, but he keeps adding other tidbits. Then Cat sees him, in a story about giving thanks for the little things. Full color. The poor little mouse gets greedy while he gathers up food from a Thanksgiving feast. Why … Read more